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Counseling Services

Couples & Family
Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss
Anxiety and Fears
Personal Growth
Parenting Support
Stress Management
African American Mother with Daughter
African American Boy

Regional Chair:

Rev. Dr. John Mokkosian
15 Ermer Road Suite 215
Salem, NH 03079
603-890-6767 Ext 100
[email protected]

Secretary: Rev. Dr. Ron Dieter
[email protected]
Treasurer: Rev. Ed Cornell
[email protected]

Pastoral Care Specialist Coordinator:

Dr. Laurence Hechscher
15 Ermer Road Suite 215
Salem, NH 03079
603-890-6767 Ext 122
[email protected]

Members At Large:

Rev. Dr. Mark Watts: 

      [email protected]

Aaron Pawelek: 

     [email protected]

Ron Baard:

     [email protected]

Marion Williams:

     [email protected]

NEAAPC Members by State/Town

Avon Franklin Ellen (860)-985-7205 [email protected]
Bloomfield Beveridge Thomas (860)-416-6946 [email protected]
Bloomfield Greene Maggie (860)-243-1007 [email protected]
Columbia Gilbert Mahlon (860)-228-9927  [email protected]
Cromwell Pember Emily (860)-635-7286 [email protected]
Cromwell Millan Henry (860)-632-5559  [email protected]
Durham Klepper-Smith Marcia (860)-646-1222 x2478 [email protected]
Glastonbury Henderson Robert (860)-633-6311  [email protected]
Granby Davis Marjorie _ [email protected]
Greenwich Bercovici Hillary (203)-413-7804  [email protected]
Guilford West Frank (203)-453-9699  [email protected]
Guilford Norris Kendrick (203)-415-0470  [email protected]
Hartford Davis James (860)-224-9113  [email protected]
Hartford Menuba Elias 860-714-9621 [email protected]
Hartford McKinney Marcus (860)-714-4183  [email protected]
Hartford Moore Helen (804)-335-4031 [email protected]
Hartford Hamilton Hugh (860)-242-2024 [email protected]
Hartford Kennedy Stanley (860)-586-0748  [email protected]
Lebanon Dunne Patti (860)-456-0408 [email protected]
Litchfield Dobbins W. (860)-567-8416 [email protected]
Middlebury Rafford Robert (203)-758-9798 [email protected]
Madison Cornell Edward (860)-301-6600 [email protected]
Middlefield Azevedo Dale (860)-349-8301  [email protected]
Milford Sandel John (203)-877-7713  [email protected]
New Canaan Roach Katharine (203)-966-1481  [email protected]
New Canaan Ayres Virginia (203)-972-1469  [email protected]
New Canaan Pfeil Susan (203)-644-8618 [email protected]
New Haven Perry Alice (203)-877-7713  [email protected]
New Haven DeHetre Donna (203)-464-2698  [email protected]
Niantic Deragon Russell _ [email protected]
Old Saybrook Hoffman Ellendale (860)-388-3332  [email protected]
Pawcatuck Eaton David (860)-599-4441 [email protected]
Ridgefield Lind Douglass (203)-227-0192  [email protected]
Roxbury Westerberg Donald (860)-354-5116 x2 [email protected]
S. Windsor Murasso Jeremiah (860)-528-8288  [email protected]
Sandy Hook Kawakami Melvyn (203)-426-9998 [email protected]
Shelton Harper David (203)-227-4388  [email protected]
Simsbury Eddins Woodrow (860)-584-0529  [email protected]
South Glastonbury Anderson Thomas 860-430-11196 [email protected]
South Windsor Mortensen Vance (860)-794-8987 [email protected]
Stamford Manchester Avery (203)-595-9092  [email protected]
Stamford Matthews William (203)-323-8560 x104 [email protected]
Stamford Williams Cynthia (203)-322-5381 [email protected]
Stamford Stanek Gary (203)-323-8560 x102 [email protected]
Stamford Wisecup James (203)-637-4335  [email protected]
Vernon Callaway Chaudoin (860)-872-9868  [email protected]
Waterbury Odiorne Raymond (203)-755-0221  [email protected]
West Hartford Johnson Lynn (860)-561-2343 [email protected]
West Hartford Tirado Luz (860)-331-7819 [email protected]
West Simsbury Bamberg Claire (860)-658-7710 [email protected]
Westport Wagenseller Joseph (203)-226-6725  [email protected]
Westport Brown John (203)-454-0132  [email protected]
Westport Danner John (203)-227-1261  [email protected]
Andover Eckels James (978)-475-9130  [email protected]
Arlington Goodman Ross (781)-646-7773  [email protected]
Attleboro Costa, S.S.D. Judith 508.222-8530/508.345-2660 [email protected]
Beverly Pearson John (978)-922-3000 X2791 [email protected]
Boston Hairston James (617)-314-9847  [email protected]
Boston Harris J. (617)-632-8101  [email protected]
Boston Larsen Kenneth (978)-948-7164  [email protected]
Boston Stavros George (617)-353-3047  [email protected]
Boston Wintermyer Carol (617)-353-9883  [email protected]
Boxford Cox Robert (978)-621-8860  [email protected]
Brewster Devor Nancy (303)-691-0144  [email protected]
Brighton Patterson Dawn (617)-208-1590  [email protected]
Brookline Dzyak Jessica (617)-519-1922 [email protected]
Brookline Ross Jane (617)-713-0303 [email protected]
Cambridge Kujawa-Holbrook Sheryl (617)-682-1544  [email protected]
Cambridge Baehr Joel (617)-349-0785  [email protected]
Cambridge O'Donnell Elke (617)-876-6489  [email protected]
Chestnut Hill Haber Geoffrey (617)-332-7770  [email protected]
Chestnut Hill Nuzzo James (617)-969-0763 [email protected]
Chestnut Hill Kelley Melissa (617)-552-6521 [email protected]
Chestnut Hill Shea John (617)-552-1315  [email protected]
Concord Crockett Margaret (978)-369-9454  [email protected]
Concord Rardin Jared (978)-369-0419  [email protected]
Cotuit Adler Catherine (860)-664-8076 [email protected]
Danvers Rogge Cathy (978)-774-5288 [email protected]
Dorchester Gallivan Kathleen (617)-732-7818  [email protected]
Dover Grimes John (508)-785-0305  [email protected]
Foxborough Sanderson Paul (508)-543-7160  [email protected]
Framingham Hindelang Ronald (508)-877-6090  [email protected]
Framingham Johnston David (508)-872-6971  [email protected]
Gloucester Brakeman Lyn (978)-281-2397  [email protected]
Greenfield LeBlanc Dennis (413)-773-8640  [email protected]
Hingham Diamond Ann (781)-740-4740  [email protected]
Hingham Rafferty James (781)-749-0587  [email protected]
Holden Kieras Peggy (508)-829-9658  [email protected]
Holliston Bergmann Earle (339)-225-5485 [email protected]
Ipswich Rogge Joel (978)-356-7040  [email protected]
Jamaica Plain Barbaria James (617)-680-5568  [email protected]
Lowell Coffey Mary (978)-458-6770  [email protected]
Lowell Fisher Stephen (978)-654-6650 [email protected]
Lowell Lezotte Edna (781)-758-0786  [email protected]
Lynnfield Wyrwas Gerald _ [email protected]
Marshfield Wolff-Salin Mary (781)-319-6688 [email protected]
Medfield Bauman Philip (508)-359-2351  [email protected]
Medford Peabody A. (781)-391-6183  [email protected]
Melrose Taranowski Dominic (781)-665-2111  [email protected]
Middleboro Kogut Patricia (508)-947-2620 [email protected]
Natick Hollerorth Barbara (508)-653-1712  [email protected]
Natick Walter Thomas (203)-981-4154  [email protected]
Newburyport Cyros Ingrid (978)-465-6158  [email protected]
Newton Crary James (480)-612-3546 [email protected]
Newton Centre Evelyn Phyllis (617)-584-1284 [email protected]
Newton Centre Molitor Ute (617)-243-0466  [email protected]
Newton Centre Carter Deborah (978)-851-6575  [email protected]
Newtonville Thomas Kevin (802)-578-5527 [email protected]
No. Grafton Babinsky Jeri (774)-293-1450  [email protected]
North Chatham Coleman William (508)-945-1985 [email protected]
North Dartmouth Tacy Madeleine (508)-996-1305  [email protected]
North Eastham Eenigenburg Susan (508)-360-3884  [email protected]
Norwell Delaplain Laura (781)-871-2051 X201 [email protected]
Norwood Sidiropoulou Eleftheria (617)-523-1543  [email protected]
Paxton Doiron David (508)-757-0376  [email protected]
Pittsfield Messerschmitt John (413)-499-4090 X16 [email protected]
Randolph Postill Gordon (781)-341-4145  [email protected]
Readins Cavicchio Laura (781)-944-8149 [email protected]
Rockland Outman-Conant Robert (781)-871-1659  [email protected]
Sagamore FitzGerald Kyriaki (508)-888-8885  [email protected]
Salem Tener Elizabeth _ [email protected]
Shelburne Falls Downes Kenneth (413)-446-7545 [email protected]
Shrewsbury DeHoff Susan (508)-845-5005  [email protected]
South Hadley Webster John (413)-539-9062  [email protected]
Springfield Breuer Bruce (413)-782-4031  [email protected]
Springfield Robinson April 413-781-0468 [email protected]
Springfield Quinn Mary (413)-536-0853 X224 [email protected]
Stoneham Jordan Merle (781)-438-0520  [email protected]
Swampscott Grant Kenneth (781)-842-3776  [email protected]
Tewksbury Criste Patricia (978)-851-5199  [email protected]
Uxbridge Calhoun Ronald (508)-278-8016  [email protected]
W. Bridgewater Keane Donna (781)-799-8097  [email protected]
Walpole Wheeler Douglas (781)-329-2100 [email protected]
Watertown Smith Garrett 617-921-3607 [email protected]
Wayland Pehrson Bruce (508)-653-0577  [email protected]
Wellesley Alletzhauser Amy (603)-890-6767 x106 [email protected]
West Springfield Pilachowski Daniel _ [email protected]
Williamsburg Haug Siegfried (860)-651-8959  [email protected]
Williamstown Clemow Craig (413)-499-4090 x19 [email protected]
Winchester Orth Kenneth (781)-376-0022 [email protected]
Worcester Favreau Donald (508)-791-8100  [email protected]
Worcester Fortier William (508)-752-0658  [email protected]
Worcester Morrissette Paul (508)-853-7802  [email protected]
Yarmouthport Ierardi Anne (508)-375-0700  [email protected]
Bangor Garrett Rex (207)-973-8290  [email protected]
Bangor Landry Maurice (207)-945-9801  [email protected]
Brooklin Pusey Bradford (207)-359-2117  [email protected]
Brunswick Baard Ronald (207)-449-6518 [email protected]
Brunswick Huss Paul (207)-729-7868  [email protected]
Falmouth Good Jeanette (207)-767-1165 [email protected]
Farmington Libby Julie (207)-779-7582 [email protected]
Kennebunk Moisan Daniel (207)-467-3011 [email protected]
Kennebunkport Chandler Gail (207)-967-8847 [email protected]
Kittery Kellogg Duane (207)-439-6994  [email protected]
Lewiston Blaine-Wallace William (207)-753-6906  [email protected]
Parsonsfield Cogswell Alan (207)-615-6066  [email protected]
Portland Maxfield Otis (207)-633-7790  [email protected]
Portland Noonan Denis (207)-828-4032  [email protected]
Woolwich Gale Frederick (207)-737-9097 [email protected]
New Hampshire        
Alstead Laverack Melissa (603)-6507939 [email protected]
Alstead Stoddard Patience (603)-756-9260  [email protected]
Amherst Brower David (603)-673-7700 [email protected]
Bedford Jalbert Celine (603)-622-0890  [email protected]
Bedford Michelle Wright (603)-472-8767  [email protected]
Concord Brown William (603)-228-3862 X21 [email protected]
Concord Dieter Ronald (603)-228-1044  [email protected]
Concord Irvine Frank (603)-225-9210  [email protected]
Concord McCall Junietta (978)-922-3000 x2378                       [email protected]
Concord Tigert Leanne (603)-224-5772  [email protected]
Concord Wildman Timothy (603)-225-5606  [email protected]
Concord Geoghegan Emily (603)-627-2702 X19 [email protected]
Conway Perry F. (603)-447-1159  [email protected]
Dover Stiefel Robert (603)-742-3203  [email protected]
Exeter Burwell Wesley (603)-772-6268 [email protected]
Fitzwilliam Ritchie Robert (603)-585-6905  [email protected]
Gilford Parrish Victoria (603)-528-2495  [email protected]
Hanover Kilgore Nancy (603)-643-2931  [email protected]
Jaffrey Forry David (603)-532-6660  [email protected]
Jaffrey Van Ness John (603)-532-6834  [email protected]
Keene Beardslee William (603)-355-4808  [email protected]
Keene Price Stephen (603)-357-9400  [email protected]
Keene Wehrwein Gary (603)-355-2244  [email protected]
Keene Barnes Gary 603-355-2244 [email protected]
Laconia Stuart Richard (603)-524-4222  [email protected]
Laconia Woodley Harry (978)-922-3000 x2378 [email protected]
Laconia Zeckhausen William (603)-524-8184  [email protected]
Lebanon Crocker Richard (603)-381-2564  [email protected]
Lebanon Lindner Charles (603)-448-2414  [email protected]
Lebanon Kaliyadan William (603)-448-1262 [email protected]
Manchester Genzel Calvin (603)-627-2702 x16 [email protected]
Manchester Groleau Paul (603)-625-8588  [email protected]
Manchester Ketzler Patricia (603)-627-2702  [email protected]
Manchester Reynolds David (603)-463-9995  [email protected]
Manchester Watts P. (603)-627-2702 X14 [email protected]
Merrimack Taylor Bruce (603)-429-1104  [email protected]
Milford O'Donnell John (603)-673-7699  [email protected]
Nashua Hess Margaret (603)-882-6154  [email protected]
Nashua Manseau William (603)-886-3760  [email protected]
Nashua Salibian Shoushan (603)-889-2105  [email protected]
Newmarket Bowles Kaye (603)-659-5666  [email protected]
North Swanzey Johnson Mary (603)-357-2409  [email protected]
Penacook Denham Priscilla (978)-772-2044  [email protected]
Plymouth Davies John (603)-591-2066  [email protected]
Plymouth Gooch Judith (603)-536-2626 x14 [email protected]
Portsmouth Deane Warren (603)-436-6876  [email protected]
Salem Heckscher Laurence (603)-491-0637 [email protected]
Salem Hufford Dayl (603)-890-6767  [email protected]
Salem Mokkosian John (603)-890-6767 X100 [email protected]
Salem Odierna Robert (603)-882-5352  [email protected]
Salem Sundell David (603)-898-7975  [email protected]
Salem Eaton Kevin (603)-858-5991 [email protected]army.mil
Salem Heghinian Ara (603)-898-7042  [email protected]
Stratford Chase Alta (603)-636-9914  [email protected]
Burlington Brown Michael (802)-862-1898  [email protected]
Burlington Carrier Gaston (802)-862-5356  [email protected]
Burlington Hamilton David (802)-862-0552  [email protected]
Dorset Ferrell Donald (802)-867-9997  [email protected]
Jamaica Flower Edward (802)-874-4837  [email protected]
Jamaica Flower Judith (802)-874-4837 [email protected]
Norwich Otto David _ [email protected]ciates.com
Putney Langdon Janet (802)-387-5547 [email protected]
Rutland Gilmore Allen _ [email protected]
Waterville Ransom David (802)-644-8144  [email protected]
Rhode Island        
Cranston Fleet Bary (401)-461-1344  [email protected]
Middletown d'Helen Lark (401)-497-4073 [email protected]
Newport Morton Drucilla   [email protected]
Newport Stone L. (401)-846-0477  [email protected]
Providence Beaudreau Theresa (401)-274-9231  [email protected]
Providence Kane Steven (401)-454-5700  [email protected]
Riverside Maloney Dorothy (401)-341-2454  [email protected]
Warwick Maitland Virginia (508)-399-5900 [email protected]
West Greenwich Poole Frank (401)-294-1120  [email protected]
Beyond NE        
Brampton Shaw C. (828)-328-8665  [email protected]
Kentville Hosick Jeffrey (902)-678-0538  [email protected]
Montreal Joudrey Philip (514)-849-2042 [email protected]
Montreal Sulzbach Jules (514)-737-0850 [email protected]
80T 1W0 Brown Gregory (902)-874-0346  [email protected]
Daly City Duecker Valerie (207)-664-4280 [email protected]
Seattle Rensel Sarah (907)-523-4666 [email protected]
_ Wheelwright Farley (617)-868-5668 [email protected]